our four principles

The ministry will be directed by four basic principles.

  • Education
  • The educational aspect will be to acquire a mobile food truck and teach the young boy or girl, teenager, and/or adults in Culinary safety, sanitation, how to with kitchen appliances and equipment, and then good coking skills. We want the trainees to learn the different various of food and condiments. We want them to be able to give back to the communities with everything they have been blessed with. At different charity functions and fundraisers, with Supervision, the trainees will cook and feed the masses for free.

Public Charity

The Public Charity aspect would be holding fundraising events to collect and distribute clothes, coats, shoes and boots, and other necessary needs for the community at large.

  • Redistribution
  • Redistribution of resources will take place as the warehouse is acquired. Once the warehouse is established, we will call on the different ministries, churches, non-profit organizations to pick up resources as needed.

Religious Activities

Religious Activities will involve the handing out of the Pocket Testament League Booklets of John, Bibles and other resources, as deem necessary.


Come To The Altar Ministry’s immediate goal will be working alongside Park View Community Mission ( Food for Thought-Weekend Backpack program), Lighthouse Community Center, and the Blue Ridge Pregnancy Center in Lynchburg, Va. Come to the Altar Ministry is a proud member of Central VA Business Coalition of Lynchburg.

Lynchburg is a city with a population of about 80,200 (Census Bureau, 2016) and a poverty rate of 24.8%. The area where we will be serving is one of the poorest section in all of Virginia with a poverty rate of 41.9%. That means that a one person household with less than $12,060 is living in poverty. Whatever the circumstances of those individuals located in these areas, the financial insecurity, being raised in generational poverty and not being educated of another way of life, the community as a whole must come together as an army of caring individuals and assist these individuals or families to success. Empower Lynchburg: Bridges to Progress Initiative, led by the Mayor of Lynchburg, Trendy Tweedy, will be a major goal to assist families in the journey out of poverty. This will be a massive undertaking that will take everyone’s assistance to achieve, not the Government’s alone. All the Churches, other non-profit organizations, community centers and ministries are all unique in all they do and have different programs, but collectively collaborating together, I believe we can make a difference in the city of Lynchburg and then to the surrounding areas.


Come to the Altar Ministry's long term goal will be to provide natural disaster relief locally and throughout the nation. The goal will be to acquire a warehouse with office space and have five to ten 18 wheeler trucks and trailers to bring comfort, healing and hope to those that have been victims with natural disasters. Once established within the community, Come to the Altar Ministry will work alongside the Local and State Government agencies to assess and assist in all natural disasters in the area.